Corona Comic

corona comic p1
As quarantine is taking a toll on our personal lives and the economy, it’s important to remember why we’re practicing self-isolation.

Wrong Layer

wrong layer 7
This is the result of a week at the comic creation summer course at The Animation Work.

Ny Til Valg

ny til valg
With the Danish election coming up, there's a lot of peculiar strategies to get votes that are playing out. Be careful out there and don't follow strangers with candy!


snek 1
Small comic that I couldn't get out of my head.

No Superman pt. 1

no superman
Meet Henry and Norman in this new comic concept that I will hopefully be able to develop

Cleaned Up My Desktop

cleaned up my desktop 1
Desktop background for personal use, a design choice I'm considering doing commissions with!


Played around with a request from Instagram. A mixture of drawing and photo editing