Comic: How to build an Empire

How to build an Empire title card
Have you ever wanted to start your own ant colony from the comfort of your home? No? But you will want to and know how to after reading this short comic! Ants make up 15-25% of the terrestrial biomass and play an important role in almost all ecosystems, yet they're often overlooked and considered pests, when in reality, they make for very interesting pets.

The Roommate

The Roommate titlecard
Standing on your own two feet for the first time is never easy, but it sure doesn't get easier when a mysterious roommate seems determined to make your life miserable.

Wrong Layer

wrong layer 7
This is the result of a week at the comic creation summer course at The Animation Work.

Corona Comic

corona comic p1
As quarantine is taking a toll on our personal lives and the economy, it’s important to remember why we’re practicing self-isolation.


snek 1
Small comic that I couldn't get out of my head.

No Superman pt. 1

no superman
Meet Henry and Norman in this new comic concept that I will hopefully be able to develop

Cody and Smilerman

toody spoody
Small comic to show some appreciation for Cody (just_cody_ on Instagram) for his sweet comics withh Smilerman in them.

Cast, TagsNFlags

TagsNFlags Cast
Cast and height chart from my small comics TagsNFlags made during my time at BGK. A concept I might pick up again.